Welcome to the website of the Catholic Church of Our Lady Star of the Sea, Llandudno.

Introduction to Our Parish Website

We are very pleased that you have come to our website, whether you are an existing parishioner seeking information about what we are doing in these post-lockdown times, or someone who has no connection to our community, but is seeking for information about the Catholic Church, or about its local presence in our parish, possibly with an interest in joining our community. Or any other reason !

You will find, on this site, listings of all our Masses and service times, and details of the wide range of activities that would normally happen in our beautiful Church community.

Our hearts are open, and the life of prayer and worship continues despite the terrible time the world is living through now. We are gradually reinstating some of the activities we had pre-pandemic. We are also strictly observing the coronavirus guidelines and advise provided by Wales and by our health experts.

I am available on the phone most of the day to offer basic church information, spiritual advice and solace, and home or hospital visits when needed.  You are welcome to telephone the Church or presbytery at any time of your choice. You may also choose to send us an email instead.

We have very close and direct contact with the other Christian churches in the town, with other faith groups, with William Davies Catholic Primary School, and with Sisters of Loretto at Loretto Centre located at Abbey Road, Llandudno, LL30 2El.  

Please explore this website to see what we do in normal circumstances, and do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything we can help you with. You are also welcome to get involved and offer your gifts or talents in the service of God, church and community. 

Fr. Innocent Abonyi, MSP

Parish Priest

Contacts:  01492860546.    

Email: priestllandudno@rcdwxm.org.uk   or  i.abonyi@mspfathers.co.uk

Blog:  Fr Innocent’s Pastoral Diary  Home


Men’s Group

Are you a man who is interested in sharing, discussing, or enquiring about the Catholic faith? Join the Men’s Group at Stella Maris on the 22nd January at 6.30 pm (18:30).

For more information please contact 01492860546 or jfitzy2002@yahoo.co.uk   or   abonyimsp@yahoo.co.uk


Our parish First Holy Communion holds on Sunday 9th June, 11.00 am at Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Llandudno, LL30 2YA.

Pastoral Plan

Diocesan of Wrexham Pastoral Plan


St. Thomas More men’s Group, Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Llandudno

OLSS Men’s Group is an opportunity for men of all ages and backgrounds to come together in a spirit of solidarity and friendship. Our next meeting, God willing, holds every month at 6.30 Pm in Stella Maris (Parish Centre/Meeting Place directly facing the Church).

Our aim is to provide a warm and welcoming space for the men of our parish to get to know each other and spend some regular time together. Our focus is on fostering a sense of community and fellowship – a positive, hope-filled environment where men can find support, encouragement and good fraternal company. 

There are many ways the group might develop in the future. We have already begun to use the meetings as a chance to share and deepen our faith in the Lord. We could vary things by organising a film night, for instance, or a meal out in town or a trip to Llandudno FC. We will certainly become involved in specific acts of service to our church and the local community.

Have a think about it and do come along and do please invite your men friends if you can. Help us build something special and memorable. You will always be most welcome. We can’t do it without you.

We have a Whatsapp and you will be added straight away if you join or if you attend your first meeting. I look forward to welcome our men into this parish group. Send me an email to jfitzy2002@yahoo.co.uk   contact the parish office, or just come along to any of the meeting and we shall get you enrolled.

Thanks again and God bless.

John Fitzgerald



Baptised but not confirmed.

Have you or someone in your family been baptised but not confirmed? 

Or is there someone you know who is interested in finding out more about becoming a Catholic? Find out about the parish ‘RCIA’ programme in this website please.

To receive confirmation as an adult or become a Catholic is a great gift. Contact Fr Innocent or the parish office for more details and to register for 2023/2024 session.

Rosary/adoration and confession

Rosary – Saturday morning 10am

Confessions – Saturday morning 10am

Adoration/Holy hour – First Friday of every month 7pm.

   Mass Times:

Saturday: Vigil Mass 4:30pm
Sunday: Mass 9:30am

Mid week: 12 noon (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)



Please find this months issue of the clarion below.

May 23 issue 7

Music: Our Parish Musicians

In our parish we are lucky to have Ashleigh Williams (our Parish Musical Director), she runs our youth choirs, and our Saturday vigil mass choir where she often leads our sung Mass with our wonderful organist John Liddon-Few. Every Saturday evening John lifts the roof off of our church with his incredible organ playing, he brings a whole range of emotions to our prayers and hymns, having a sung Mass in our church has proven to be popular within the parish and with our visitors.

Ashleigh and John are both talented musicians and are available for weddings, funerals and other Masses held in our church. For more information please contact the office or contact them on:

We also have the talented Ireneusz Siwy who plays the organ for us on Sunday Mornings and other important Masses, not only does he perform for us each week but he also plays outside of church. If you are interested in him playing the organ for you you can contact him on: ireksiwy@gmail.com  

No description available.

Photography: Our Parish Photographer

Barbara Marta Smok – Photographer 

After more than twenty years of office work and being an amateur and families photographer, I decided to pursue my life passion and become a professional photographer. 
 My company, BMS Art, has been on the business market for 5 years. My ideas and enthusiasm together with experience and professional education of Art and Design Photography (A level), Creative Arts FdA Photography and BA (Hons) Arts in Photography have allowed me to realise my dream and do it as best as possible.

“Make visible what, without you might perhaps never have been seen.”

– Robert Bresson


Established in Llandudno UK in 2018. The company helps businesses and brands bring their products and services to life through creative, professional photography. It also offers a high level of customer service to ensure that clients feel valued and eager to work with us again. I specialize in portraits, so I am happy to do Art Wedding Photography and Personal or Private Portraitures.
I love people and I love their positive reactions when they look at themselves in the photographs.
I enjoy experiencing all emotions with them during the process of our work together.
I always focus on quality, not quantity.


 Please take a look at the new images for the Stella Maris Parish Centre and the recent Parish Church images.

Can you help?

Keeping our Church, presbytery, and parish hall warm, paying the lighting and electricity bill, fixing the roof when it leaks, supporting our diocese and taking care of many one-off and minor bills for the everyday running of our beautiful parish only happens, thanks to your generosity. We don’t get any money from the council or the Vatican! Perhaps you could consider setting up a standing order, or signing a gift aid form to support the running costs of our parish. At this challenging time, it won’t be possible for everyone to help in this way, but if you can, you’ll find the parish bank details in the newsletter. You can also contact the parish on either the email  priest-llandudno@rcdwxm.org.uk or ring our parish office on 01492877778. Thank you.  You may choose to make a one off donation or leave a legacy for us. We remain ever so grateful for the generosity of people like you who have kept our Church going over the years and centuries. God rewards a cheerful giver. The heart does not forget. Good deeds retain their place in our treasured memories forever. 


Stella Maris: New for summer 2022: Parish day retreats 



Stella Maris Parish centre poster


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OLSS Parish Prayer

Father in Heaven, pour out your Spirit upon the people of Our Lady Star of the Sea Catholic Church, Llandudno. Grant us a new vision of your glory, a new experience of your power, a new faithfulness to your word, and a new consecration to your service, so that your love may grow among us and that our love may be sincere. Show us the way ahead, so that your kingdom may come, through Christ Our Lord.” Amen.

– Fr. Innocent
Parish Priest


Please join me in thanking God for LIFE

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