Please see the latest video for an Appeal for Sudan – Many thanks to Ian Mawdsley from the SVP for creating this video appeal.

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12th Sunday In Ordinary Time

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Corpus Christi 2021

Trintiy Sunday 2021

Pentecost 2021

7th Sunday in Easter 2021

6th Sunday in Easter 2021

5th Sunday in Easter 2021

3rd Sunday in Easter 2021

Divine Mercy Sunday

Easter Sunday 2021

Palm Sunday 2021

5th Sunday in Lent 2021 Update

5th Sunday in Lent 2021

4th Sunday in Lent 2021

3rd Sunday in Lent 2021

2nd Sunday in Lent 2021

1st sunday in Lent 2021

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

New – 5th Sunday in ordinary time

4th Sunday in ordinary time

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time 2

Baptism of our Lord Newsletter


Christmas Newsletter 2020

4th sunday advent nl (1)

Newsletter week 3 advent

Newsletter week 2 advent


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Feast Of Christ The King Newsletter

33rd Week in Ordinary Time Nov 2020

32nd Week in ordinary time 7th nov

31st Week in ordinary time 31st October

30th Week Ordinary Time October

Please view the latest guidance sent by the Bishop via the Adobe PDF File below, or visit our new dedicated page “Guidance” here.

Action Points Church Guidance
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The Mass for 9.30am On Sunday 23rd August 2020

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Please click here to view the literature relating to the “Develop your relationship her” link in the below paragraph

Please click here to view the literature relating to the “Develop your relationship her” link in the above paragraph

I would like to draw your attention to Fr Antony’s Book THE MASS IN CLOSE-UP.

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Grace, peace and mercy Fr Moses Amune, msp

Please join me in thanking God for LIFE