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The Mass – Sunday 21st June 2020

The Mass – Sunday 14th June 2020

The Mass – Sunday 7th June 2020

Pentecost Sunday 31st May 2020 – Mass

Sunday 17th May 2020 – Mass

Ascension Thursday

“I am ascending to my father, and your father, to my God, and your God – John 20: 17”

Father, creator of unfailing light, on this your brilliant morning shine, Ascension Thursday, give that same light and shine to those who call to you. May our lips praise you; our lives proclaim your goodness; our work give you honor; and our voices celebrate you for ever. Amen.

My dear brothers and sisters, I Wish You all;

A Very Blessed Ascension Thursday, 2020🙏🙏🏽

I have just been informed that one of our sisters, Berth Kennerley who came home yesterday after so long in the hospital, has been returned because of a heart attack. Please, as always, I trust in your prayers for her and all others in need of prayers.

Bless you all.

Agbor, (PP).

On the joyful side: we wish Mr. Robert Bromilow, a very happy 95 Birthday celebration today.

Sunday 10th May 2020 – Mass

Sunday 3rd May 2020 – Mass

Sunday 26th April – Mass – Third Sunday of Easter

Divine Mercy Sunday Mass – 19th April 2020

Saturday 11th April 2020 – Holy Mass

Friday 10th April 2020 – Good Friday – Holy Mass

Thursday 9th April 2020 – Holy Mass

Recorded Sunday 5th April 2020

Recorded at 10am – 29th March 2020

Recorded at 10am – 22nd March 2020

Recorded at 5pm – 20th March 2020

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