I would like to draw your attention to Fr Antony’s Book THE MASS IN CLOSE-UP. Just click it to read or get full print-out.

On this Remembrance Sunday, we join our brothers and sisters first in acknowledging the supreme sacrifice made by soldiers and civilians who served in one way or the other in the two world wars, and subsequent crises; for them we are most grateful. Because of their yesterday, we live our today. May they continue to enjoy the reward of eternal rest in Christ.
As we reflect on the sleepless nights in the trenches, the horrors witnessed or endured, the pain and scars of bodily injury, the utter commitment to protecting civilians and fighting for peace, let us spend some time in the week praying together for peace, and courage to stand by the Truth in our world, that the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and martyrs of our time may never be in vain.
In their honour and for us, please share this poem shared with me by one Jeremy. It is by Fr Michael Sellers:
Stand up, you children of the light
whom God’s holy power defends.
Be armed for that spiritual fight
which Christ’s Second Coming ends.

Walk in the strength of God
And he will never fail you.
For a sword accept his word
When your enemy assail you…

Know God’s mighty power surrounds you
Always, everywhere.
The powers of hell will not confound you
If you trust that God is there…

The outcome of the US Presidential election scared me; I was worried about the possible sufferings some groups of people might be unnecessarily exposed to. While acknowledging the uniqueness of each person, it is difficult to ignore some demeaning and threatening comments made. All said and done, ‘democracy’ has spoken and it must be respected. As we remember our fallen heroes, let us pray for God’s Spirit to guide Trump, world leaders towards working for peace, unity and compassion.
Good luck, bad luck, who knows? Only God knows.

Parish Affairs
Care for the Poor: The work of St Vincent de Paul in the parish in various ways of visiting the sick, care for the needy, and providing food for the poor/homeless is astounding. I attended their last week’s weekly meeting which is Wednesdays 7.30pm; I came out feeling touched by the depth of connection/presence with the people they visit and minister to. I wished many more would join this association. It is our faith lived out concretely. Very early on Saturdays, they come and put the parcels of food to be handed out together in a very loving and light atmosphere. If you ever feel like doing more for God and humanity, joining this group couldn’t be more ideal. May I use the opportunity to say thank you to all who support this cause by giving in the Poor Box

Bulletin: Beginning of Advent, we shall try a new template for our bulletin; I should be glad to have one or two volunteers to help coordinate its production. It won’t be too involving, I can assure you.
Induction: It is customary to formally present the new parish priest to the parish in a liturgical context. On the 1st of December at 7.00pm, the Bishop, Rt Rev Peter Brignall will present Fr Moses Amune, msp to the parish.
Looking Ahead:
20th: National Youth Sunday Mass 11am in Ruabon
25-27: Advent Retreat in Pantasaph by Bp Peter Brignall.
Contact: 01352711053
14th: Advent Retreat/ Service of Reconciliation 7.00-8.30pm. There will be plenty of priests to choose from for individual confession.
17th: Children’s Sacrament of Reconciliation 3.00pm
Christmas Services Schedule will be in next week’s bulletin

May our departed heroes and loved ones rest in peace
They shall forever be remembered.

Fr Moses Amune, msp



In God I live, and move and have my being. To Him alone be the glory!
A feeling of being privileged, grateful and hopeful were what I was aware of when I drove into Llandudno town on the 26th of October, 2016. I was conscious too of some butterflies within. The unique beauty of the town was very uplifting. And when I knocked at the presbytery, I was greeted by the trio – Sr Jennifer, Julie and Sharon; I felt really welcomed.
At the 12 Noon Mass, I had a sense of connection with all priests who have served both as Parish priests and Assistants in the parish. I was particularly grateful to God for the services of Fr Anthony Jones with Fr Abraham. Providentially the readings for that day connected for me our common ministry: to invite, encourage, nudge all to Jesus, who is the Way to True Life. He is the All Time Standard that guided Fr James Jenkins, Dean Patrick Mulligan, Provost Ratciffe, Canon Francis Xavier Thomson…. and Fr Anthony Jones. May I ask your prayers for me, that I myself may never take my eyes off the ball, – Jesus – especially during my ministry amongst you.
November is the month to remember and pray specially for loved ones – spouses, parents and grand-parents, friends, and relatives who have died. The Body of Christ, the Church, of which you and I are an integral part of, because of her mystical union with Christ, does have access to an overflowing reservoir of Mercy (Vicarious Satisfaction) which she makes available to her members in the form of Indulgences. This is what the Canon Law and the Catechism of the Catholic Church says about indulgence: “An indulgence is a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed gains under certain prescribed conditions through the action of the Church which, as the minister of redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasury of the satisfactions of Christ and the saints”. In next week’s bulletin, I shall explore this theme of Indulgence a little more.
Still unpacking from the boxes; good to be here.
Grace and peace,
Fr Moses Amune, msp