Please keep in mind that we need £1200 a week to keep the Parish going and to be ready for those inevitable rainy days.  Today, a very generous collection, but a little short of what we need.  Every shortfall puts us further into the red.


Older Finance related data can be found below – Please note that this page will be updated shortly



End of Last Financial Year (Apri 6 2016):   £1,822 overdrawn

End of April:  £3,010 overdrawn

May                  £4,386 overdrawn




The Tribute Collections are falling.  You are still very generous indeed, but the target of £700 a month needed to pay the Diocesan Levies, which initially we almost met , is now way above what we are receiving.  Here is the list of the Tribute Collections for 2016 so far:

January:   £389

February   £401

March       £527

April         £380

May           £586

June          £432

July           £309

Each year, the Diocese places levies on each Parish, according to its size and Mass attendance.  This levy varies year by year, according to the immediate needs of the Diocese. Last year (2014-15) it was £14,000; this year (2015-16) it is £12,000.  We pay in six-monthly instalments.

These Levies are for the benefit of the Church across North Wales,  not for the immediate benefit of Llandudno. For this reason, we show by our generosity our love for the Catholic Church in general, not just for our own Parish.  So, in Llandudno we do not call it a Levy, which implies something unpleasant and burdensome, but have renamed it the Tribute Collection.  This is taken up as a second collection on the first Sunday of the month.  By it, we pay devout tribute to Almighty God and express our thankfulness to Him,  who has shown us so much love by calling us in his Son to membership of his holy Catholic Church.

Thank you for caring so much for your Catholic Church in Wales.



Thank You for giving £ 109 on the Feast of St Peter and Paul for the ancient and world-wide collection to Peter’s Pence. Did you know that the Vatican is second only to the USA in giving aid to the Third World?



A point or two about the Gift Aid Scheme:
If you pay tax on your earnings, or indeed your pension, you can join The Gift Aid Scheme, which allows you to maximize your contribution made at each Mass.

For every £1 you give to the Church, the Tax Man will return a further 25p to us, because you have donated your hard earned money, he is effectively returning 25% tax taken. Basically, The Tax Man will not tax you on money you are giving away to the Church.

If for example, you are in the habit of contributing £5 a week over the course of the year, your total contributions will be £260.00. However, if you are in the Gift Aid Scheme this would mean to us £325.00! Each 25p certainly adds up!

For the Tax Year 2014-15, the Tax Man returned to our Parish £4639.45, just from the Gift Aid Scheme.

Some people are anxious about the privacy of the scheme.  No worries at all!  You are assigned an untraceable number.  No one (except Peter Lewis), not even I, know which number belongs to which name.  The anonymity, the confidentiality is total.

We also gather tax relief on your very generous donations to the Tribute Collection.  When you have joined the Scheme you be issued with a box of envelopes to use- blue for weekly Masses and special white ones for the Tribute. Please make sure to use them.

If you are a tax payer and not in the Gift-Aid scheme, please consider joining.
If you would like to begin gift-aiding your weekly contribution, or if you have any queries, please contact Peter Lewis on 01492 546705 without delay.  Thank You.

(According to a new national regulation called the Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme, we are now able to claim 25% back on the first £5,000 of loose cash which comes in on the collection plates.  This will yield a further £1,250 annually to parish funds. We began claiming this from 2013).



During the Financial Year 2015/2016 you have onrbuted £6, 500 to feed the starving children of  Sudan and South Sudan.

As it now costs about £1 to feed a single child for a weekd.  Please remember that the worse famine on the planet is now happening in South Sudan.

This Week’s Donation :£151 Thank You




We spend about £3,000 per annum providing packed lunches for the poor and homeless over the weekends.  To this figure one must add the costs of the sleeping bags we donate in the depth of winter and the cost of feeding those who come to the door on other occasions besides the fixed times of Saturday and Sunday.

This equates to abut £60 a week at least, and should be the target of our weekly Poor Box.  This week: £12

Why does it cost so much?  We provide about forty packed lunches over Saturday and Sunday.  The packet contains sandwiches of cheese and corned beef, a bar of chocolate, a piece of fruit and a can of Coke.  In addition we provide them with hot coffee.  You can see where the money goes! Regardless of how much comes into the Poor Box, this service remains constant.

On behalf of all the poor men and women whom you feed in this way I would like to say a big Thank You



By the income it generates, Stella Maris pays for itself!  Isn’t that marvellous!



The resurfacing of the car park has cost the Parish £29,000.  The Diocese gave us permission to go into debt to pay for it.  Its former condition was truly dire. A splendid job has been done by Hogan’s; but with even this amount of overdraft we were not able to complete the work.  The pathway along the side of the church together with the area in front of the Presbytery still need attention.    It is estimated that the remaining work will cost around £15,000.

Thanks to the generous donors who have put money into Parish Funds against the day when we will be able to afford to complete the job.   Thank you very very much.



Please remember the Parish in your will It is noticeable how seldom we receive bequests from parishioners, yet for many of these the Church has been the centre of their lives.  Also, the collection usually taken after a funeral generally goes to any cause but to the Church. Please be generous and make sure the church of Our Lady Star of the Sea is here for your children and grandchildren.