Catechumenate Talks

The series of Audio Recordings of the Parish Catechumenate of 2012.  By clicking on the links below you can follow the whole course.  It will take you right through the Catholic Faith, beginning at the very beginning and presuming no previous knowledge.  It will probably furnish you with a deeper understanding of your faith, for this is an adult approach, whereas most of us have not updated our  knowledge of the Faith from that which we were taught as children.  The recordings are live, so please make excuse for interruptions, coughing and, in particular, the squeaky chair on which I was sitting!  I hope you enjoy listening to the course as much as I did giving it.

Introduction: Revelation


Scriptures Continued

Man’s Responce to Gods Revelations

Creed: One God: Blessed Trinity


Man. The Fall

The Coming Of Christ. The Son Of God: The Son Of Man

Who Christ Is. His Life.

Christ’s Baptism and Temptations

Christ’s Sufferings. The Instition of the Eucharist

Christ’s Passion and Death

The Church

The Church Continued

The Church Continued

The Church Continued

The Church Continued

The Resurrection

The Ascention

The Church is Holy

The Church is “Catholic”

The Church is “Apostolic”

The Papacy (1)

The Papacy (2)The Apostolic Church continued. The Ecumenical Councils.The Resurrection of the body.The Mass: Its Origins (Part 1)

The Mass: Its Earliest Format

The Mass: The Initial Rites

Advent: The Immaculate Conception. The Mass – Liturgy of the word

The Presentation of the gifts.

The Preface to the Eucharistic Prayer.

The Beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer.

Eucharistic Prayer – Part One

Eucharistic Prayer – Part Two

The Eucharistic Prayer – Concluded

The Beginning of the Rite of Holy Communion

The Our Father

The Our Father Continued


Confession Continued

The Commandments 1-3

Commandments 4-10


Final Summing up of the Catechumenate

This List is lacking Talks on Priesthood and Marriage.

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